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An esoteric approach to water, hydration, and mood

This is Matt's personal approach to how he elevated his mood and vibration through drinking water and positive affirmations.

You are a vibrational being and the water you have in your body takes the vibrational form of the words you say to yourself.

Everyone should be familiar with the video below, but here you can clearly see the vibrational form of water from pure and polluted sources. Then water from positive and negative words.

(Around the 3:30 mark)

The words you say to yourself structure the water in your body, just like in the above example. You are a vibrational being and the water in your body is receptive to what you have to say (and think).

In a bad mood? Consider this:

You can alter the structure of the water in your body by increasing hydration and saying positive affirmations about yourself. This also allows the negatively structured water from your bad mood to flow out.

Also, be sure to say “Thank you. I love and appreciate you” to the water you drink.

People always feel better when they’re well-hydrated rather than dehydrated, regardless of the positive affirmations or words you say to your water.

I will say though that I feel noticeably better when I hydrate with positivity rather than just hydrating alone.

Hydration is a well-known means of detoxification. The river needs to flow, a slow moving river collects more pollution than a fast moving one. I believe that peeing allows the negatively structured water to flow out of you to be replaced by the water you are putting in.

Personal experience notes:

When I’m in a bad mood, I stop and pour myself some water that I’ve said nice things about. These words vary depending on my mood.

Also, I usually say to myself (either out loud or in my head) "I can feel my negativity and I am doing something to feel better. I know all bad moods are temporary and I know my mood will improve if I am well-hydrated.

Then once I start to pee only then will I put on positive affirmations to repeat out loud. It’s incredible how well this works for me. Before I need to pee, the affirmations feel difficult and don’t resonate so much. After, they feel like magic.

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