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L-Reuteri Yogurt, Inulin, Fermented Dairy, SuperGut: A Dietitian's Review and Suggestions.


  • L-Reuteri Yogurt Difficulties.

  • What feeds L-reuteri

  • What is inulin?

  • L-Reuteri Yogurt criticisms and substitutes (Milk Kefir)

  • Milk Kefir naturally contains L-Reuteri

  • Where do vitamins come from? Bacteria make them


0:00 Introductions & Difficulties with L-Reuteri Yogurt.

1:40 What feeds L-reuteri? Carbohydrates. What is Inulin? Chains of 20 plus fructose molecules

3:40 L-Reuteri Yogurt Substitutions. L-Reuteri Yogurt Criticisms.

8:00 Milk Kefir's microbial population naturally(!!!) contains L-Reuteri.

9:10 Talking about the microbiome and the importance of fermented foods.

11:55 Where else do we find L-Reuteri? How can we bring beneficial microbes into the gut besides fermented foods?

16:45 Where do vitamines come from? Bacteria make vitamins!! How to correct a vitamin deficiency (that may be seemingly difficult to resolve!)

21:25 Overall recommendations for those looking to incorporate L-Reuteri in their diet and conclusions.

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