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Positive affirmations for Athletes

Successful athletes have both a healthy mindset and a strong body. These are some of Matt's personal affirmations he uses as a gymnast. Feel free to modify them according to your goals.

  1. My name is ___ and I am a strong and happy athlete.

  2. I am always doing my best job and putting forth my best effort.

  3. I enjoy being physically active, using my muscles and my mind. It feels so wonderful to work out.

  4. I love breathing hard, reaching for better, and having fun while I flip through the air or lift weight.

  5. I love it when I'm truly 'in the zone' and everything around me melts away because of my intense and serious focus.

  6. I love filling my lungs with air and feeling the breath of life while I train.

  7. I am strong, I am focused, I am better than yesterday and I am fully capable of achieving my athletic goals.

  8. I love making new goals and reflecting on how far I've come. The journey to my best self is the road that's right in front of me. I'm loving what is and I'm excited for more!!

  9. I love when others inspire me and I love it when I can be an inspiration to others.

  10. I am dedicated and focused on my training. This focus is what helps me improve.

  11. I know that new challenges and questions will come up on my journey. I take on these challenges on with curiosity and a desire for joyous expansion. There is nothing I cannot do!

  12. I approach my competitions like my practice sessions. It's so easy for me to do well in competitions when I'm successful and focused in practice.

  13. I also know that pure energy from competition excitement and my inner determination can set me up fantastic mind blowing success. I tap into that energy and let it catapult me to my highest self!

  14. I am an uplifting athlete! I love when people believe in me so I will believe in them just the same. I am my most successful when I train and compete in uplifting environments so I will be that person.

  15. I like having tough competition because I know I'd be bored with easy opponents. Those with great skill push me to being my best, strongest self.

  16. I thrive in competition. I will look at my nerves as internal excitement to do well and will use this excitement to empower me.

  17. I visualize my success, repeat out loud what my intentions are, and believe in my ability to achieve my goals.

  18. I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue my passion. I appreciate my body, my club, my teammates, my coach, and all the beautiful components that come together for me to be fantastically successful with my goals.

  19. I trust the process by knowing that by reaching improvement I will always find it without fail.

  20. I also know that progress can be in unseen or unexpected areas. I promise to keep an open mind during my training to my easiest path forward.

  21. Athletic progress can come from unexpected and new approaches. I love it when my journey surprises and delights me in new ways!

  22. I'm such a great athlete and I love how motivated I am. My focus is one of my greatest attributes.

  23. I love how good these affirmations feel. I know that a healthy mindset and a healthy body are keys to success.

  24. I will pay attention to positivity affirm to amplify my potential for success.

  25. All is well, what's next? Let's have some fun!!

Matt's note: I really like creating voice recordings of me reciting these positive affirmations to help me stay in a healthy mindset about being a successful athlete.

This list of positive affirmations was a private note on my phone that I decided to share with those who may be interested. I greatly benefited from it and this type of approach has helped me maintain a healthy relationship with gymnastics and weightlifting over the years.

Proof of athleticism:

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