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🌻 POTS, Dysautonomia, and Digestion

In addition to being an incredibly knowledgeable practitioner, Matt is also a wonderful adviser and cheerleader to his clients. I came to him for POTS, dysautonomia, and gut issues (gastroparesis) 6 months ago, and in that time, I've seen so many positive changes. My POTS symptoms no longer dictate every minute of my day, and I'm beginning to have days of normal gut function! I have more energy and I'm using it in smart, strategic ways to keep improving. Matt is the right kind of ally to have when you are working with chronic and difficult health conditions: he is positive but practical, intelligent, and more creative than most nutritionists I've worked with. He is willing to work very closely with your goals and changing needs (because they can and should change as you progress!) and isn't interested in sticking to things that "should work for you, but don't." The approach I've experienced is very personalized, adaptive, and collaborative. In addition to stellar nutritional advice, he also uses helpful lifestyle changes and mindset shifts to give you the tools you need to make progress. Anyone on a difficult health journey must take responsibility for their health and do the work, but it's a comfort to have someone who is committed to making the path as easy as possible. Matt has done research on my behalf to understand my particular challenges better, come up with new solutions, and has been genuinely interested in my progress. He's easy to communicate with and is really just a lovely human being. It has felt like he's on my team, and that alone counts for a lot. I highly recommend him! -A.K.

☀️ Migraines, Low Energy, and Thyroid Issues

I am happy to have found Matt! With his help I have made the most progress yet in my journey back to health; and I plan to make more! I have always been active and disciplined and prided myself on my 'healthy' food and gym habits. After having children I found myself struggling with severe migraines and lack of energy; amongst a slew of other symptoms. None of which I attributed to my lean diet and strenuous workouts. I was struggling to connect the dots and wanted to heal my body - not just treat my symptoms. I had seen many doctors and functional medicine practitioners who were at a loss. Matt helped me pinpoint what I was lacking in my diet and recommended ways of eating. With minimal testing he recommended natural supplements my body specifically needed. He also suggested various lifestyle changes. All of which helped save me from the onset of a thyroid issue as well as has greatly minimized my migraines. Most of my symptoms are nearly gone and I will be forever grateful! I feel like I now have a handful of tools to keep myself healthy and that is a wonderful feeling. -Kristy

🌱 Complicated Skin Conditions and Matt’s Unique Approach.

Matt greatly helped me reduce my psoriasis and completely eliminated what was apparently a fungal skin infection. And all of this was done naturally. I’ve been in and out of dermatologists and alternative health offices for years and Matt is the first practitioner to actually be able to help me with my skin. Before Matt, I had tried what feels like every therapy and supplement, so much so that I became incredibly well-read from my constant experimenting. He was the first practitioner to actually work with me rather than just tell me what to do. It felt like I was working with a coach and a teammate all in one. What I appreciate about Matt is that he never pretended to have all of the answers and we worked together towards my goal. (I don’t think he should have all the answers. If what I was going through was an easy fix I would have figured it out beforehand. I had an incredibly complex case!) Matt was truly there to accompany me and my journey. He is without a doubt my favorite practitioner that I’ve ever worked with. He’s also really easy to get along with!! I highly recommend him to anyone going through complex skin problems. -Tom

🌙 Parasites, Skin Problems, and PMS symptoms

I have been thinking for a long time about what to write about Matthew Cress. Matthew Cress has been my champion where other medical practitioners have failed. I have turned to Matthew many times in the last three years to help me with medical conditions such as intestinal parasites, skin disorders, and very poor digestion. Each time I have been met with compassion, kindness, and nonjudgmental care. Matthew has helped me by being my cheerleader, my resource and I would like to say a friend as well. Whenever I have turned to Matthew for help concerning medical issues or care to improve my health, he has not only given me fully researched information. He has also referred to his extensive knowledge of the human body to give me relatable and doable changes I can make in my life to improve my health. He never asked me to drastically change my lifestyle, but was able to suggest small improvements that really had a big impact on my life. These small changes really added up and now I can confidently say that I’ve never been healthier. He didn’t require me to do labs either. He has done everything with care, compassion, and overall professionalism. I would refer everyone I know to Matthew if they are suffering from any sort of long-form chronic illness to improve their day-to-day life and also make life-saving changes to their overall health. Matthew has proven to me time and time again that he is on my side that he believes what I tell him and that he is dedicated to helping me create a healthier life. -Ashleigh W.

⭐️ Mysterious Neck Pain

Matt was able to solve this weird pain that I had that had up through the back of my neck to the scalp with a surprisingly simple vitamin protocol. He has such a deep and insightful understanding of nutrition. He has become my go-to whenever I have health questions! I’m glad to have found him before he gets too popular!! Thanks again, Matt! - Lauren

🍀 Skin Tinea Versicolor, Strange Red Dots, and inner work

I came to Matt for help with my skin. I had Tinea versicolor and these horrible red dot patches on my skin. I already tried everything I could think of by myself and never figured it out. Matt listened to me, my journey, and about everything I tried to heal my skin. It took some trial and error (which should be expected) but we eventually found a personalized solution that helped me and my individual journey with my skin. He was also accessible between meetings which helped me feel really cared for rather than just another client on his roster. He was always ready to brainstorm and always wanted to know what my intuition was telling me. Naturally, I developed a better connection with my gut feelings and when I realized my gut feelings were right and did get me progress I developed a deeper relationship with them and I started trusting myself more. A wonderful bonus that I never expected, but am really appreciative of! Also, I really enjoy Matt’s natural approach. He never required me to get labs done and was always interested in what would get me the best results the easiest. I highly recommend him! -Alex

🌈 POTS and EDS remission 

Matt played a pivotal role in achieving remission for my POTS and EDS. Though the journey was lengthy, with its fair share of trial and error, Matt stood by me every step of the way. Even when I took a break for a few months, he welcomed me back when I decided I didn't want to navigate this journey alone. What sets Matt apart is his supportive approach. He never insisted on rigid directives like 'You must do this to get better,' nor did he resort to fear-mongering. Matt never made me feel guilty for slip-ups or suggested that a mistake ruined my progress and that I had to start over from square one. This approach alone set him apart as an exceptional practitioner. He also never took credit for me and my journey. I remember him telling me “You heal you and I’m here to watch you grow and guide you where I can.” Matt is a true teacher and uplifter. Now, my joints and muscles don’t feel so weak and I'm no longer a slave to my food. Matt introduced diet and lifestyle changes incrementally, making it easy to decide what did and did not contribute to my progress. I also had quite a mindset shift. Learning not to be disheartened by stalls and celebrating even small victories became an essential part of the process. Working with Matt helped me improve my physical and mental health. I affectionately call Matt my ‘nutrition and life coach’ because he's more than just a practitioner – he's a genuine uplifter and overall wonderful person. Thank you, Matt, for everything. -Cara

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