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Sports Nutrition Testimonials

Client success stories

Individual Sports Nutrition Consultations 

🏋🏻‍♂️ Sports Nutrition and Leg Day

I’ve never had so much progress so fast in the gym. My legs were definitely a weak point when I started and I really wanted my legs to get caught up with the developed proportions of my upper body. Matt helped me reorganize my training program and my nutrition to help me with my leg bulk. My leg press notably went from 125kg for 10 reps (275 lb. or 1 plate on each side) to 245kg for 10 reps (540 lb. or 3 plates on each side). Matt is a fantastic sports dietitian and I would recommend him to any serious athlete looking to fast-track their goals. -John

🎾 Tennis and Weightlifting

I’m an athlete who does tennis and lifts weights on the side and Matt is a sports dietitian who was able to help me with both. He helped me with tips and tricks on how I can enhance both my endurance and explosiveness in tennis and my performance in the gym. He was even able to help me with my elbow with specific physical therapy exercises! Thanks, Matt! -G.R.

🌞 Good workouts but needed help with bodybuilding nutrition. 

I highly recommend Matt! The guides he provides for working with him are worth their weight in gold. My training program didn’t really need any work, but I was leaving a lot of progress on the table because I just couldn’t get my nutrition (and priorities) right. Matt helped me find a meal plan that fits my weird schedule, all while making sure I hit my macros and the nutrient timing that fits my needs. Thank you, Matt. -C.S

💪🏼 Bodybuilder with Acne

I’m a traditional bodybuilding athlete that has always suffered from acne, especially on my back. I decided to do a free ‘Meet Matt’ just to see what he could do for me since I’m pretty well-versed in the nutrition side of bodybuilding, but not so much on the nutrition side of skin care. My acne is completely gone and I have never felt so good in my body, ever. Matt was able to help me combine my specific bodybuilding nutrition needs with his food skin care recommendations to create this fantastic new way of eating. I am 100% satisfied and am glad to have Matt on my team. -Thomas

👨‍💻 Busy Weightlifter

My job keeps me quite busy so I don’t really have time to organize much regarding my workouts. I’m usually just happy if I can make it to the gym. What I wanted was a sports dietitian who could take all the thinking away from me and just tell me what to do. Matt did this so beautifully. You can tell that he truly loves his job. I always leave our appointments motivated and feeling like I’m pointed in the right direction, even when it’s been a while since we last met! He is definitely someone you want on your team! His Sports Nutrition Guide is fantastic and will be a staple in my kitchen forever. Thank you, Matt!! -E.H.

Group Sports Nutrition Consultations 

**Call to coaches and sports teams! If you are part of a sports team and you would like to work with Matthew please email him at with your ideas. 

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