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Weight Loss and Digestion Testimonials

Client success stories

Weight Loss and Digestion Consultations 

☀️ Weight Loss & Drastic Mood Improvement

Matthew’s perspective on how to approach both emotional and nutritional problems helped feel incredibly empowered after our meetings. When he said nutritional therapist I wasn’t actually expecting to get a nutritionist and a therapist all in one. With Matthew’s guidance I lost 40 pounds, greatly improved my mood, and my relationship with food. Also, his handouts were absolutely essential to my progress, without them I would not have been so successful. I’ll be keeping them forever!! Thank you Matthew for all the advice, tips, and tricks!! – D.C.

🌱 Stubborn weight loss & emotional eating

Matt helped me lose 30 pounds of stubborn body fat that I’ve been struggling with for what seems like my entire adult life. I used to be an emotional eater and needed a lot of help. Matt is the most empowering practitioner that I have ever met. He never made me feel dependent on him, which I love. He told me that my success is because I did the work myself and that he just has helpful tips and tricks to help me find my solutions on my journey. I love that approach because I truly feel like I am successful in my own health journey and Matt is just a fantastic coach and teammate. I own my healing story and Matt has been a fantastic uplifter during this whole process. I know that I would not be as proud of myself if he did all the work for me or gave me a “magic method.” The sense of accomplishment I have after working with him is why I recommend him so highly. Furthermore, Matt also has fantastic insight on how to build a good relationship with food and he very clearly understands how certain foods influence the body. Every time we meet he helps me set reasonable and achievable goals that I can actually accomplish. Thank you so much Matt, you are greatly appreciated!! - Kerry

👩‍👦 Parent & Child Eating Disorder Guidance

I originally came to Matt for guidance for myself and ended up asking questions about my kid. Of course, he was fantastic for me but I almost can’t believe how much he was able to help my kid with their relationship with food (picky eater) and even how I approach my kid’s eating habits. Honestly, I have a better relationship with my kid thanks to Matt. One thing that Matt said that really stuck with me is that kids usually haven’t been brainwashed as bad as adults and that kids need to be listened to. I realized that I was saying something about my kids eating habits every time he sat down to eat. That was quite a wake-up call for me!! When I realized how controlling I was being I understood why my kid was rebelling against me (he would specifically want the foods I said he couldn’t have, and only those foods!) Matt encouraged that I should listen to my kid from start to finish and that if I was open to listening to my kid that their relationship with food would naturally rise to a well-balanced way of eating. He even successfully predicted how my kid would behave during this transition. Everything Matt said was spot on. And reader please know that I was very skeptical in the beginning! He really knows his stuff. I’ll also add that my kid’s relationship with food also improved when my own relationship with food improved. If you’re wondering if you should meet with Matt - Do it! He has had the most positive impact on me and my health compared to any other practitioner and I am sure he will be very booked very soon. - Lee

🙌🏼 Diarrhea & Stomach Pain Resolved

I’ve dealt with chronic diarrhea, IBD, and stomach pains for the past 10 years and I happily say that all of my digestive issues have been resolved after working with Matt. Yes, it did take time with some trial and error, but I am so proud of myself for sticking with it! I had a rather complicated relationship with food and was only eating a few ‘safe’ foods. Matt’s approach with me was very gentle, had very clear communication, and focused on my progress. I ended up having to do more ‘inside emotional work’ than I thought I needed but as soon as I truly improved my thinking patterns and my emotions the solutions became evident to both Matt and me. Then once my thoughts were more aligned, the changes I made to my nutrition really helped my progress. I highly recommend Matt for his personalized and thoughtful approach to both food and how we think about food. If you are struggling with digestion I highly recommend working with Matt. -T.E.

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