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Adrenal Cocktail Recipe

Updated: Apr 29

Adrenal Cocktail Recipe (Also a Sports drink recipe!) : 

  • Orange juice 4 ounces (or the juice of 1-2 oranges)

  • Coconut water 4-8 ounces (or 8 ounces of water with either a 1/2 teaspoon of cream of tartar for potassium or an electrolyte packet). 

  • Honey 1-2Tbsp.

  • A big pinch of Sea salt (if it has a variety of minerals, even better. OR crazy, but if you have either whey from yogurt or sauerkraut juice, that can also work for the salty brine and beneficial microbes.)

Notes: If it’s too sweet dilute it with more water. Don’t serve it with ice as cold drinks shut down digestion. 

Optional add-ins:

  • Supplemental Vitamin C

  • Trace minerals

  • L-Glutamine for gut healing

  • Ginger juice

  • Banana (for a thicker cocktail)

  • Collagen powder

  • Coconut cream 

Pay attention to Vitamin C

Don’t use orange juice from a clear bottle due to vitamin C volatility (see my blog post on vitamin stability for more). There is likely very little vitamin C in those bottles since it's easily destroyed by light, oxygen, and heat.

Vitamin C will be present in an orange where the skin protects the vitamin C from being destroyed by light, oxygen, and heat. Just like how nature intended! Raw honey also contains vitamin C and other fantastic antioxidants. I highly recommend using real honey (raw is best) in adrenal cocktails. I would go so far as to say that the raw honey is actually more important than the oranges due to honey's fantastic nutritional profile.

If you are using orange juice, just add in some supplemental vitamin C to help round out that micronutrient profile. Otherwise, always keep one orange on hand for your adrenal cocktail. 


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