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Matt’s Diet and Nutrition Specialties

Matt has followed every diet listed below and has worked with a wide variety of nutritional protocols for both himself and his clients. See below for more information and reach out if you have questions about a specific diet approach.

Traditional Whole Foods Diets:

These diets give you enough meat protein for your gut, muscles, and brain while giving you enough fats and carbohydrates to give you enough energy to function depending on your individual goals. These diets focus on giving your body nutrient-rich, and easy-to-digest foods to optimize your health and well-being.

  • Whole foods diets include: Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, natural fats such as butter, olive oil, tallow, seasonal fruits, vegetables, and their traditional cooking methods. This diet can include grains, nuts, and seeds depending on the individual’s profile and how these foods are being prepared.

Low carbohydrate & Ketogenic diets

This includes every variety of the low carb, high fat, moderate protein approach to eating. Fasting protocols are also ketogenic and thus fall into this category

  • Low-carbohydrate diets

  • Cyclical ketogenic diets

  • Ketogenic endurance sports diets

  • Ketogenic diets for neurological regulation (seizure and brain chemistry management).

  • Fasting protocols and techniques.

The GAPS diet:

The meat broth, gut-rebuilding, detoxification diet and lifestyle protocol. Matt is fluent in this diet and used it in his personal well-being journey. Please note that Matt is not a certified GAPS practitioner but has used this diet personally and used it with countless clients.

Elimination diets:

To address certain food allergies or environmental allergies.

  • Lectin-free,

  • Allergen-free diets,

  • FODMAPs diets,

  • etc.

Includes how to come off an elimination diet. In other words, you will not be stuck eating only a handful of foods after addressing your body’s intolerances.

Carnivore diets:

Meat-only diets with personalized supplements and recommendations for your goals.

Eating disorder diet protocols:

This addresses both the diet and your relationship with food. This diet amplifies blood sugar stability, microbiome balance, micronutrition optimization, and re-feeding any protein (amino acid) or fat (omegas) deficiencies.

(Matthew does not work with vegan or vegetarian diets but will provide guidance transitioning off of these diets.)

Bodybuilding and Athletic Diets:

Matt focuses on a whole-food approach to all bodybuilding protocols. (See the Sports Nutrition Client article, coming soon)

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