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This printable kitchen guide provides the following information:


Ounces to Grams table

Fluid ounces, cups, & milliliters table

Fahrenheit to Celsius table

Inches to centimeters table

A Gram Baking Equivalency Chart that outlines 1 cup to 1 tsp weights of common kitchen baking ingredients.

Common US. Measurement Equivalencies (Ex: 2 Tbsp. = 1 oz.)


Common baking ingredients in the equivalency chart:

AP flour, bread flour, pastry flour, sugar, brown sugar, honey, syrups, jelly, oil, butter, heavy cream, milk, yogurt, water, chocolate, and cocoa powder.


Note: these are the same exact charts that Matt has cut and taped to the inside of his kitchen cabinet for easy reference. He uses these practically every single time he works in the kitchen!

Freebie: Kitchen Conversion Tables and Baking Weights

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