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Welcome to Cress Dietetics

Who is Matt? 

Hi everyone, my name is Matthew Cress, and welcome to Cress Dietetics! I am a licensed dietitian nutritionist that focuses on sports nutrition and healing complex health conditions through ancestral nutrition and holistic healing techniques.


What does Matt do at Cress Dietetics?

Matt focuses on your athletic goals or healing through a whole food diet, supplements, mindset, and daily habits that encourage your health. Every single person that works with Matt gets a personalized nutrition protocol. 


Who is Cress Dietetics for? If you want...

  • 1-on-1 consultations. 

  • A dietitian who will listen to you and your goals.

  • If you want to improve your athletic performance or heal through food. 

  • A personalized meal plan.

  • A free macronutrient guide.

  • Those who feel stuck with their diet and want help.

  • And anyone interested in Matt's supplement recommendations, well-being exercises, detoxification protocols, and healing modalities.

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Matt's Nutrition Specialties

Matt is a sports dietitian who achieved the elite level in gymnastics. He also gained experience in healing nutrition practices when his health needed closer attention.

Read Matt's gymnastics and healing story here.


Now, Matt specializes in sports nutrition and compliments that activity with healing nutrition protocols. 

Sports Nutrition ​

Matt's sports nutrition specialties:

  • Athletic performance diets

  • Bodybuilding diets, all types. 

  • Endurance athlete diets

  • Professional and elite athlete diets

  • "Busy adult" diets

Matt's approach:

Matt takes your personal athletic goals and food preferences to provide you with a 100% personalized meal plan.

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Healing Nutrition

Matt's healing nutrition specialties:

  • Immune system disorders.

  • Skin conditions. 

  • Digestive disorders.

  • Mood disorders.

  • All other conditions are also accepted 

Matt's approach: 

Matt reads over your personal health history and provides you with a metabolically stimulating and detoxifying nutrition protocol. 

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