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Welcome to Cress Dietetics

 Hi everyone, my name is Matthew Cress, and welcome to Cress Dietetics! I am a licensed dietitian nutritionist that focuses on healing complex health conditions through ancestral nutrition and holistic healing techniques. I focus on healing and promoting your well-being through diet, supplements, mindset, and daily habits that encourage your health and well-being. Every single person that works with me gets a personalized healing protocol no matter how complex your health may be. 


Cress Dietetics is for those that are interested in working 1-on-1 with me or for those that would like to work with me through the protocols I provide in my ever-evolving store. I provide meal plans, detoxification recommendations, well-being exercises, and most importantly, protocol explanations so that you never feel like you’re in the dark about what you’re doing or why you’re doing it.


Feel free to browse through my testimonials, store, and services. To help you get started, I offer a free 15-minute ‘Meet Matt’ consultation where you can ask about what it’s like to work with me and to see if we’re a good fit!


I would be delighted to work with you and to positively contribute to your health and well-being! 


Hope to see you there, 


Matthew's Health Specialties

Matthew is a trained sports dietitian that converted to healing nutrition practices when his health needed closer attention. You can read his healing story here.


Now, Matthew specializes in both sports nutrition and complex health protocols. 

Matthew loves watching his clients transition from healing protocols to athletic protocols as they reclaim their health!  

Healing Nutrition

Matthew's health specialties include immune and autoimmune system disorders, skin conditions, digestive disorders, and mood disorders. All other conditions are also accepted. To find out if  you and Matthew are a good fit, you can book a free 15-minute 'Meet Matt' appointment. Alternatively, you can read his healing story here or look at his testimonials here.

Sports Nutrition ​

Matthew's sports nutrition specialties include athletic performance diets, bodybuilding diets, and athletic endurance diets. Matthew works with your athletic goals and food preferences to provide you with a 100% personalized meal plan. To find out if you and Matthew are a good fit, you can book a free 15-minute 'Meet Matt' appointment, or you can look at his testimonials here.

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About Matt

Hello! My name is Matthew Cress and I am a licensed dietitian nutritionist originally from Michigan. 


My health was terrible for the first 27 years of my life. I was known as the sick kid growing up. I suffered from debilitating allergies, chronic colds, lots of mucus, multiple mood disorders that ran in the family such as ADHD, anxiety, endorphin deficiency syndrome, and dyslexia. I also suffered from 10 years of traumatic medication-resistant acne, IBS, and hypothyroidism. I put all of these conditions into remission through diet and lifestyle. Read my full healing story here.

As a former elite gymnast and national champion my experience also extends into the world of athletics. 


Now, I live in beautiful Lyon, France and my hobbies include going to the farmers market, making delicious stock or broth, and doing recreational gymnastics.


My goal with Cress Dietetics is to guide you on your healing journey.  

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