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Welcome to Cress Dietetics!

Cress Dietetics is Matt's expert food & nutrition website.

On my website you will find:

  • Nutrition appointments

  • Testimonials

  • Links to my YouTube page

  • An ever-growing blog and store.


My Nutrition Specialties:


My Client Specialties:

  • Sports Nutrition Clients

  • Healing Nutrition Clients

  • Culinary Students - Those who need help in the kitchen.

About Matt's Nutrition Specialties

Matt is an animal-based sports dietitian nutritionist and an elite-level gymnast. He healed himself with nutrition with an elimination diet when his health needed closer attention.

Read Matt's gymnastics and healing story here.

Sports Nutrition ​

Matt's sports nutrition specialties:

  • Athletic performance diets

  • Bodybuilding diets, all types. 

  • Endurance athlete diets

  • Professional and elite athlete diets

  • "Busy adult athlete" diets

Matt's approach:

Matt specializes in animal-based sports nutrition plans for all types of athletes. You'll be provided with a 100% personalized meal plan.

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Healing Nutrition

Matt's healing nutrition specialties:

  • Immune system disorders.

  • Skin conditions. 

  • Digestive disorders.

  • Mood disorders.

  • All other conditions are also accepted 

Matt's approach: 

Matt reads over your personal health history and provides you with a metabolically stimulating and detoxifying nutrition protocol. 

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